New Brunswick.Montreal.

Hi, I'm an art therapist and wanna be 'artist,' whatever that means

                         In addition to using art as a means of self-healing

                         and self-expression, I work within the medical

                         community, in oncology and palliative care.


Hailing from the quaint community of Avondale, New Brunswick,

where our claim to fame is the nearby longest covered bridge

in the world, my aspirations have outgrown my roots.

I'm now situated in Montreal.

                  With a double major in Psychology and Criminology,

                  I've combined my majors and my love of the arts together

                  to pursue the unique career of Art Therapy


In addition to oncology and palliative care, I've also practiced art therapy in prison settings,

pulmonary rehabilitation, and with Alzheimer's populations.

                                                                                    What is art therapy?


                          I believe art has a purpose.

                         My own research, on art therapy, identity, and incarceration can be found here: 


                                            So check out my attempts at throwing ink at a canvas

                                         and the results of numerous broken pencils in the art                                                        section of this website.

If you like what you see, send me an email.

Or better yet, drop by one of my random

group art shows and see me in action.


About Me

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