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Online Sessions

I am a professional, insured, therapist, with a masters diploma, and have formal training in providing professional therapy online through the Canadian Art Therapy Association. I am a member of the Quebec Art Therapy Association. 

I have been providing online services through my employment at one of Montreal's largest hospitals since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic (and before that, also in person). 


I've now extended my services to include private practice, and offer 1on1 art therapy sessions online. 

Online Teacher

No artistic background or experience necessary.  

(Art Therapy actually works best with non-artists).

What does an art therapy session look like?

Each session is 60 minutes and takes place securely and confidentially over skype. 

We begin with a small warm up exercise, such as scribble drawing, to help you let loose, get your creativity flowing, and tune into your feelings.  

All you need is a piece of paper and simple art materials that can be found around the home. 

After a consult where you share with me about the status of your mental health, I'll tailor a special mindfulness based art project to your needs and together we will dive even deeper! 

Most of my clients choose to work through challenges of depression, anxiety, and physical illness. This is where the majority of my experience lies. (See 'about me' section to learn more about my job experience). 

Friendly Conversation

Approach, Activities, and Technique

I specialize in mental health and wellness related to physical diagnosis, particularly cancer and end of life care, as well as cases of generalized anxiety and depression.   

Populations worked with include: Oncology, physical rehabilitation, palliative care, prison inmates, Inuit culture, immigrant children, sexual assault victims, etc.

I work with holistic, strength based themes, such as courage, self-compassion, and hope,  to offer you a new perspective, build confidence, security, inner calm, and ultimately help achieve meaning making and a sense of purpose. 

Activities include step by step processes to help you create without intimidation or self-judgement.  Examples include collage, abstract self-portraits, visual imagery and meditation, mask making, sensory based chalk mandalas, print making, and finger painting to name a few. 

I use projective techniques, therapeutic questioning, psycho-education, validation, and humanistic compassion to help you review, reflect, and grow.   

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Scroll down to get started! 

Book a Session: 


For pricing info please send an email. 


Sliding scale fees are available to match your level of income!

After booking you will receive an email confirmation from the therapist to set up your session. 

Payment can then be made via e-transfer, or other options upon discussion. 

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