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Art Therapy

"The aim of art is not to express the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance"


No Background or

Artistic talent Necessary


What is 

Art Therapy?

Interested in trying art therapy? 

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                               Art therapy can be used to combat issues pertaining to mental health

                         such as anxiety and depression, as well as that which stems from physical                                 issues.

             It may be practiced one on one, or in a group format.

In art therapy groups, sharing is an essential key, as members

can learn from and inspire one another through shared

experience and understanding.

                            An art therapy group may include psycho-education,

                                or simply making art for pleasure.




                                                    Paint, draw, scribble, cut, sculpt,

                                                    and get messy, the possibilities

                                                    are endless!

My own Art Therapy Research,

on Incarceration and Identity can be found here:

Art Therapy is an integrative mental health profession.

In its simplest form, art therapy combines the two fields of psychology and fine arts.

The goal of art therapy is NOT to help you become a better artist.. it is to help you become a better human being, to access your emotions, and to process life's challenges, so you'll get to know your true, authentic self, and be better equipped for the future! 

                                     As a method aimed at fostering emotional self-expression 

                              and emotional regulation, art therapy is a tool used for

                              communication and learning about oneself.

                                                 With the aid of a trained professional art therapist,

                                                the creator can dive deeper into the meaning behind

                                              their artwork, as a way to explore and process a trauma

                                            or life events. 


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